ICPA Category
2017 Clay County B24 Shoulders County Shoulders PCC
2016 Des Moines Airport, Runway 13/31 Reconstruction Phase 1 Commercial Airport PCC
2015 Des Moines Airport, Taxiway D Reconstruction Phase 2 Commercial Airport PCC
2014 Decatur County, I-35 NBL Interstate PCC Paving Project
2013 Hamilton county, US 20 EBL Special Recognition
2012 Clay County M27 from Highway 18 North to Dickenson County Line PCC Overlay Project- Secondary System
2011 Wayne County Missouri Route 67 Rural Divided Highway Paving Project
2011 Lee County, US 61 Fort Madison Bypass Divided Highway PCC Paving Project
2010 Clarke County, NBL I35 from Decatur county line to US 34 Interstate Highway Paving Project
2009 Worth County, US 65 from IA 9 to County Road 105 Interstate/Primary Concrete Overlay Project
2008 Jefferson County, Highway 34 Fairfield bypass Divided Highway PCC Paving Project
2006 Buchanan County , County Road C64 Concrete Overlay Paving Project
2006 Wapello County, intersection of US 63 and US 34 Special Recognition
2005 US 34 NW of Danville, Des Moines County Divided Highway PCC
2004 Dubuque County 151 State Roads PCC
2003 Des Moines Airport South Air Cargo Expansion Commercial Airport PCC
2002 Des Moines Airport, Construction of Runway 5-23 Commercial Airport PCC
2002 Dubuque County 32 New Divided Highway
1997 Des Moines Airport Terminal Apron Reconstruction Phase 2 Commercial Airport PCC
1996 Dubuque Regional Airport, Runway 13/31 Rehabilitation Airport PCC Paving Project
1995 Runway 5/23 Muscatine Municipal Airport Muscatine, IA General Aviation Airport Pavement
1995 Muscatine Municipal Airport Runway /Full Parallel Taxiway/Runway 5/23 Overlay Airport PCC Paving Project
1994 Ankeny Regional Airport Airport PCC Paving Project
1988 Seymour Johnson AFB North Carolina, Various Airfield Pavements  
1988 Savanna District, North Carolina, Construction Contractor of the year